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Trio of Titans wins online investing battle against national competition
For the second year in a row, a team of Trinity Titans has earned the top prize in the national online investment battle sponsored by the DIME Program. 
Jaylen Williams '23, Princeton Sutton '24 and Mubanga Mwenda '24 were honored on the morning of Monday, May 22 — at the last Morning Meeting of the school year — with a special presentation by DIME’s founder, Dion Woods. 
In 2022, another Trinity team — comprised of Carter Rubio ’22 and Chaz Sutton ’22 — netted the top prize. “Trinity has shown up big time over the years… and won in almost every category,” said Woods, before presenting the 2023 team with a $2,000 cash prize, along with a $1,000 gift to Trinity.
Preparation for the sock battle against students from all over the country involved weeks of research, analysis and guidance from industry professionals. “One of the things I was most proud of was their effort,” said Woods. “If you are going to be successful in anything you do, you have to have a degree of curiosity that begins where others are willing to stop.”
The investment battle is just one element of the program's mission. DIME, which stands for “Diversity Investment Management Engagement,” was started two years ago in the wake of national unrest and racial reconciliation conversations. “We said, we’re tearing a lot of things down, but what can we build up and most importantly, what can we build together?” reflected Woods.
“We looked in the investment industry, and we realized that if you added up all of the minorities in the investment inductee and included women of any ethnicity, you would still end up with less than 1% of representation in our industry, and so we said, ‘something has to be done,’’ said Woods, noting DIME is “designed to not only to help students understand how to create wealth, but ultimately align them for potential access and entry into the investment industry.”
The free, seven-week immersion program educates student participants about all aspects of the professional investment industry and prepares them for future internships and opportunities. Said Woods, “Our whole goal is to create the next generation of diverse minority investors.”

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