Visual Arts

3D Art / Ceramics

All students interested in 3D art begin with Element of Ceramics where they grow familiar with and comfortable in the studio, begin understanding the nature of clay and develop skills to progress further along in the world of 3D arts. These students can follow this course with studio ceramics for as many semesters as they like to improve their techniques.

The Wilton Visual Arts Center is home to 15 wheels surrounded by areas to work with hand building, glazing, painting and other related work.

The talented arts faculty often holds after school and weekend studio hours to give student artists every chance to perfect their work over the course of a semester.
“Art class is not only learning how to paint, draw, throw, or shoot film. To me art is similar to spanish class, learning a new language, a new and different way to see this beautiful world.” -Emma Pettus '20
“Our program is amazing in that students who have never felt confident to call themselves an "artist" end with a semester show, where they are able to put their shoulders back and show off a body of work created within the semester and really see the growth that has happened and finally realize that everyone truly is an artist. Afterall, an artist is simply someone who creates, no matter the medium” -Molly Sanyour, ceramics teacher

Visual Arts Faculty

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Amy Chaplin

    Amy Baynum Chaplin 88

    Visual Arts Department Head
    (804) 327-3140
  • Photo of Tom Condon

    Tom Condon 

    Photography Teacher
  • Photo of Jennifer Parker

    Jennifer Parker 

    Visual Arts Teacher