Ever Onward (2023-2028)

II. Navigating Complexities

Our world – local, national, and global – is increasingly more complex and ever-changing. We are preparing students for jobs that have not been imagined yet. In every aspect of life, there is more that needs to be done than there is time to do it. As our students enter this world, we want to prepare them for not only college, but also a fulfilling life of meaning and purpose. In partnership with their parents, we must look for ways to help students strengthen their own well being — by becoming confident in who they are and in their ability to make decisions for themselves while also developing strong interpersonal skills that lead to a network of supportive relationships.

GOAL: Guide students to explore and understand who they are, how to make purposeful decisions, and how to develop strong relationships.

  1. Develop and formalize the concepts that are foundations of this goal.

  2. Engage the Trinity community in developing and owning efforts to develop this area.

  3. Build on the IB Program and current resource classes to provide opportunities for students to learn and practice skills that lead to good decision-making, interpersonal skills, and independence.

  4. Provide tools to faculty and staff to support Navigating Complexities.

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