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IB Music Program

Trinity’s music program is wide-ranging, allowing for a variety of musical exploration, both within ensemble settings and as an individual.

As performers, students can hone their voices in chorus and the extracurricular a cappella group, the Tritones. They can acquire guitar skills in three progressively-sequenced levels of guitar classes or develop and refine instrumental skills within an ensemble setting by playing in concert, jazz or pep band and/or one of the string orchestra groups.

There are also course options for those interested in learning to appreciate, write, edit and produce music.
“The space affords them to hear what the ensemble or what the group really sounds like. Students are basically getting a snapshot of what the professional world sounds like.” -Brian Rollins
The highest level of student music education falls under the IB music courses. With the proper prerequisites and teacher recommendations, students can enroll in any of the offered IB music courses, which leads students in a challenging exploration of music theory, music history, world music cultures, performance and composition.

The music program is dynamic and intertwined with the life of school. Students perform at lunchtime concerts at Pach's Place, as house band musicians for Cabaret, as accompaniment for the caroling during the Grand Illumination, as pit orchestra members for a musical and as a vital part of the school's spirit at football and basketball games.

Students and faculty constantly collaborate, experiment, and ultimately expand their range of talents to make each event special and memorable. The tenacity and determination of music students to improve constantly is evident and showcases the kind of character development that happens every day at Trinity.  


Pep Band plays the Fight Song

The Perkinson Arts Center houses a comprehensive music suite consisting of a large rehearsal hall for instrumental and vocal ensembles, a practice room for individual or small group use, a digital music lab with 9 computer and synthesizer workstations and a recording control room. The control room in conjunction with the rehearsal hall and an isolation booth forms an impressively functional recording studio.

Concert and Jazz Band


Musical Moment

"It started with Calder Sprinkle asking if he could borrow my banjo during his study hall. I handed it to him and left to teach class. By the time I came back during the beginning of Discovery, an impromptu bluegrass jam had broken out in the hallway. I left to get coffee and by the time I came back, things had escalated (to include even more students). It was just one of those moments where I was grinning ear to ear. We provide kids with tools, teach them how to use them, lend them opportunities to develop them and then watch what grows." -Chris Markunas '01

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Performing Arts Faculty

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  • Photo of Erin Flynn

    Erin Flynn 

    Performing Arts Teacher, Orchestra and Chorus
  • Photo of Brian Rollins

    Brian Rollins 

    Performing Arts Chair, Band and Music Director
    (804) 327-3123
  • Photo of Brian Phillips

    Brian Phillips 

    Head of Campus Life, Theatre Teacher
    (804) 272-1333
  • Photo of Chris Markunas

    Chris Markunas 01

    Guitar & Theater Teacher
    (804) 672-4957
  • Photo of Chris Williamson

    Chris Williamson 00

    English Teacher, Theatre Teacher
    (804) 672-4959