Innovation Lab

“Discover Your Path” isn’t just a phrase at Trinity, it’s the foundation for bridging student interest and exploratory learning to awaken the innovator in all students.

Designing Solutions for an Ever-changing World

Innovation at Trinity weaves throughout departments, electives and co-curricular activities to support students on their journey to develop skills related to the innovative process. Students are encouraged to take chances and be brave as they relate to new ideas and information with the goal of completing relevant tasks for positive, unique solutions. A Titan Innovator collaborates with others and is able to self-assess strengths and weaknesses in relation to each individual project for best results. 

Throughout the year, students can participate in a Discovery Innovation Series. These activities are generated by the innovation team to expose and challenge students to fresh concepts and ideas. The innovation team also works with grade level teachers to enhance or develop in-class projects related to core subject matter. Semester-long electives including Exploring Engineering and Design Thinking & Innovation offer students an avenue to explore their passion for understanding the world around us and how the design process benefits our ever-changing world. 

Located in Morgan Hall, the Innovation Lab is homebase for Titan Innovators. This flexible space is equipped with a variety of tools and materials allowing students to explore and implement the design process fully from ideation to prototyping. The nature of life is to change, and our Titan Innovators will change it for the better. 
Technology, Research & Innovation curricula are integrated into all subjects, across all grade levels to best prepare our students with future-ready skills needed to be successful at Trinity and beyond.

Innovation Faculty

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    Cynthia Chinworth 

    Technology and Innovation Teacher