Contact Us

Mailing Address:
Trinity Episcopal School
3850 Pittaway Drive
Richmond, VA 23235 

Main Office Phone (Morgan Hall):
(804) 272-5864

(804) 272-5865

General email inbox:

Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. 

You may leave messages 24 hours a day.  A dial-by-name directory is available after hours by calling the main office at 272-5864. 


If you need to report a student absent, tardy or early dismissal for any reason — please follow the below steps in PowerSchool:
2) in the left hand menu list, click “Attendance Monitor”
3) click "Report New Attendance." Input date(s), a reason, whether it is a full or partial day absence, and provide a written description.* You may input dates up to 10 days in advance.
If you have an emergent attendance issue, please contact the main office at (804) 272-5864.

You may also contact Trinity's attendance coordinators: