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Shields in Service

Shields in Service is Trinity’s required community service program. The mission of this program encourages students to learn and grow through community service by taking action in different service experiences and reflecting on what they have learned.

Each year, each student must complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service. Upon the completion of each service experience, students reflect on how that experience has made an impact on them. These reflections help students identify the types of service they enjoy, see how these experiences help them grow and emphasize the TITANS values Trinity promotes every day on campus.


The TITANS values are:

The types of service students can complete are:

  • Direct Service - Person-to-person efforts in which service impacts individuals who receive direct help from students (tutoring, meal delivery)
  • Indirect Service - Projects with benefits to a community or group, not individuals (church led neighborhood cleanup, food drive)
  • Advocacy - Working, acting, or communicating to encourage action or create awareness about an issue (passing out fliers to a community)
  • Research - Expanding one’s own knowledge or the general knowledge-base on an issue (surveys, studies, evaluations, experiments, data-gathering)

The learning outcomes students reflect on for Shield of Service are borrowed from the learning outcomes required of students completing the CAS component of the IB Diploma Programme.

The TITANS values are the six characteristics define what is means to be a Titan: Trustworthy, Intentional, Tough, Altruistic, Neighborly and Sincere.


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