School Life

The Trinity Experience

Trustworthy, Intentional, Tough, Altruistic, Neighborly and Sincere. These six characteristics define what is means to be a Titan. Every morning, students, faculty, and staff gather together in Morning Meeting where these six values are highlighted. Students and faculty alike celebrate special moments within our community. Individuality is celebrated and exploration encouraged.

At Trinity, students have the freedom to pursue their passions within a safe and dynamic educational environment. They are challenged through a robust academic curriculum that integrates life into learning and learning into life. The fine arts program allows students to create and share their talents through a variety of visual and performing arts offerings. Trinity’s athletic program is comprised of 36 teams across 22 sports, where students are challenged physically, while also learning the importance of hard work, discipline, respect, cooperation and commitment. Students can engage in co-curriculars for their mind, body, and spirit through the various club offerings, community service opportunities, and our Outdoor Program. Trinity students learn to be part of something bigger than themselves with the care and support of teachers, coaches, administrators, parents and peers. This combination of guidance and opportunity allows students to grow and thrive while they discover their path.