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TPA Used Book Sale

Book Collection Extended (Summer 2021)

It's not too late. You can support the school...make some money...and get those books out of your house. Trinity Parent Association is collecting your books starting Monday, June 14.
Bins will be available under the covered area outside Estes (you can drive around the circle and drop them off.) Make sure to put your books in a bag to keep them together, and fill out a Book Sale Intake Form so that you can get credit for them. Any books dropped off that are not clearly identified will be considered a donation. 
When exams are over and your students have textbooks and novels they no longer need, let the Trinity Parent Association sell them for you and split the proceeds.
Each spring the TPA collecting books now to offer for sale at the Annual Used Textbook Sale August. EVERYONE can participate by turning in any and all Trinity textbooks they no longer need. Books collected will be sold on behalf of the families (“consignors”), splitting the sale price 50/50 between the consignor and the TPA. Alternatively, families may choose to donate their books, allowing the TPA to collect 100% of the sale proceeds.  IRS tax deduction forms will be available for donors.
Blank forms will be available at the collection sites but if possible, download and complete the Book Intake Form in advance of the collection. Listing the books in advance will save you time and make things easier for all at the collection. If you choose to donate your books, you do not have to complete any paperwork!
The Used Book Sale will open on August 1 and books purchased will be delivered to student lockers. Visit the online book sale site at: 
Unsold books cannot be returned. Books that do not sell by the end of the class add/drop period in the fall semester or that cannot be used at Trinity become the property of the TPA. They are unable to be returned.

The sale benefits everyone:

  • The sellers clear off their shelves and will receive checks in the fall for all their books that sell.

  • Textbooks turned in are sold in August, offering current and incoming students an easy, efficient, tax-free method of getting the books they need for the new school year immediately with no shipping costs!

  • Each year the proceeds from the sale are used for campus projects that benefit all students. Past sales’ projects have included improving the library computer lab, the purchase of outdoor seating in the breezeway, on campus chargers for our students, refurbished furniture for the student commons, building a pole barn for the Outdoor Program as well as many more improvements to our campus. 

Printable Forms and Flyers


Rebekah DeRoco
TPA Book Sale Volunteer

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