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TPA Used Book Sale

Sell your used textbooks and split the proceeds with Trinity

When exams are over and your students have textbooks and novels they no longer need, let the Trinity Parent Association sell them for you and split the proceeds.
Each spring the TPA collecting books now to offer for sale at the Annual Used Textbook Sale August. EVERYONE can participate by turning in any and all Trinity textbooks they no longer need. Books collected will be sold on behalf of the families (“consignors”), splitting the sale price 50/50 between the consignor and the TPA. Alternatively, families may choose to donate their books, allowing the TPA to collect 100% of the sale proceeds.  IRS tax deduction forms will be available for donors.
Blank forms will be available at the collection sites but if possible, download and complete the Book Intake Form in advance of the collection. Listing the books in advance will save you time and make things easier for all at the collection. If you choose to donate your books, you do not have to complete any paperwork!
Books will be sold at the end of July and/or the first week of August. Sale dates/times will be publicized via the school website calendar and Back-to-School emails from Trinity. 
Unsold books cannot be returned. Books that do not sell by the end of the class add/drop period in the fall semester or that cannot be used at Trinity become the property of the TPA. They are unable to be returned.

TPA Used Book Sale FAQ

List of 16 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. When are collection dates?

    Book collection is set for Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23 immediately following exams. There will also be a collection the morning of Friday, May 24.
  • Q. Why should I participate?  

    By selling your books you will receive a small return on your textbook investment as well as help raise funds for projects benefiting Trinity.  The more books that are turned in, the better selection of used books we have to sell to students at a reduced rate in the fall so everyone benefits. 
  • Q. Can I just donate my books?  

    Yes, of course.  Books that are donated allow the TPA to collect 100% of the sale proceeds. IRS tax forms will be available for book donors.
  • Q. How much money will I get?  

    The sale price is split 50/50 between the seller and the TPA.
  • Q. How will the books be priced for the sale?  

    The book prices are determined as 55% of the list price for a new book on the school distributor’s site, regardless of the condition of the used book.  This means that books in better condition sell first.  Please note that books with torn or missing pages, excessive markings, or in otherwise poor condition cannot be sold. 
  • Q. How do we know what books will be used next year?  

    Before the collection dates the website will have a list of books that are not being used again next year.  The TPA will accept any books, including those that cannot be sold next year, or you may opt to keep them.  
  • Q. Do you take back novels and workbooks?  

    Yes, we take both! If a teacher reuses novels we will sell them at the same 55% rate as textbooks, provided the book is not excessively highlighted or annotated. Workbooks can only be sold if they contain no writing.
  • Q. Where can I get an intake form?  

    Intake forms are available on the school website at It will also be available at the book collections but it will save you time if the form is completed in advance.
  • Q. How do you know if it is my book that has been sold?  

    Each seller is preassigned an ID number, which will be used to track and identify all the books they turn in so we can credit them following the sale in the fall.
  • Q. When will I get the money for the books I sell?  

    Sellers choosing to share 50/50 will be paid in the fall once the sale is over. We cannot give “credit” towards book purchases since your share is not known until the sale is complete. Books continue to be sold until the class add/drop deadline has passed. Once we complete all sales and match them up to consignors, the business office will process checks which will then be mailed home.
  • Q. What happens to unsold books?  

    UNSOLD BOOKS WILL NOT BE RETURNED! Any books that cannot be used again at Trinity will be donated or sold in bulk with the proceeds going to Trinity. In previous years books have been donated to local schools and libraries, homeschooling groups and after school programs.
  • Q. What about AP and SAT study guides, etc.?  Can I sell these?  

    Current unused AP and SAT study guides will be sold for 55% of the new price.  Older copies will be sold for a $5 flat fee.
  • Q. What would make the process easier?

    • Complete the intake form in advance. 
    • Print carefully to help ensure your data is input correctly. 
    • REMOVE OLD LABELS so the previous book owner is not credited a second time for the sale of the book!
  • Q. What can I do if I need to buy books for summer work?  

    If we have any of those books in stock, or as they are turned in, we will pre-sell them now and you will be charged for them at the sale in the fall, once the prices are determined by the school’s distributor.  
  • Q. Can I volunteer?  

    Yes please! Volunteers are always needed for the spring collection, as well as the sale in August.  A signup genius link will be sent out via grade reps or contact Rebecca Bell at (937-1599) or Janice Brockenbrough at (370-9956)  if you would like to help.
  • Q. When is the book sale?

    The book sale will be held the first week in August with the first time slot being reserved for new students. Sale dates/times will be publicized via the school website calendar, in Back-to-School emails to parents and at

Spring 2019 Book Collection Schedule

TPA volunteers will be collecting used textbooks in Estes Athletic Center after exams on:

  • Wednesday, May 22 (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.)

  • Thursday, May 23 (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

  • Friday, May 24 (9 a.m. – 12 p.m.)
After students complete their exams, they can easily stop by the Team Room and drop off the textbooks they no longer need.

The sale benefits everyone:

  • The sellers clear off their shelves and will receive checks in the fall for all their books that sell.

  • Textbooks turned in are sold in August, offering current and incoming students an easy, efficient, tax-free method of getting the books they need for the new school year immediately with no shipping costs!

  • Each year the proceeds from the sale are used for campus projects that benefit all students. Past sales’ projects have included improving the library computer lab, the purchase of outdoor seating in the breezeway, on campus chargers for our students, refurbished furniture for the student commons, building a pole barn for the Outdoor Program as well as many more improvements to our campus. 


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TPA Book Sale Volunteer

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