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Trinity offers a host of diverse clubs, organizations and extracurricular activities designed to meet the interests of students. With over 30 student-led clubs, there is something for everyone. From traditional clubs like Shields in Service, which orchestrates community service opportunities, to our Society for Science, there are dozens of ways for students to get involved in on-campus organizations. And if a student has a particular passion, they can investigate beginning a new club to share their gifts with the greater community. Participation in a club or student organization is another way for students at Trinity to Discover their Paths.

Our world language clubs (Spanish, Latin, and French) offer a variety of cultural experiences to help students delve deeper into other cultures. Activities include an annual international film festival that has transported viewers around the world for over 20 years, a tricycle race that defies the laws of physics, and food celebrations to please every palate.

There are multiple clubs geared toward exploring different perspectives, be that cultural, political, or with a focus on faith.  All Trinity clubs meet during our Discovery period in the middle of the school day, so every student has access regardless of their schedule. Clubs are an important part of the fabric of the school and a way for students to connect with others both locally and globally.

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  • Acapella (Trinity Tritones)

    Tritones is Trinity’s premier coed a cappella group.  The students perform an eclectic range of vocal music from classic rock to pop.  They have performed at Cabaret, school concerts, and during lunch in the commons.

    Faculty sponsor
    Kimberly Ryan 
  • Art Club

    Students in Trinity's art club have the opportunity to attend gallery visits, art opening and critiques. They sponsor films, artist lectures and creative community service projects. Past service projects include painting a mural for Freedom House and glazing bowls for the Empty Bowls Dinner. Art club is open to all students, all you need is a little creativity!

    Sponsor:  Molly Sanyour (
  • Backyard Sports Club

    Backyard Sports Club encourages you to embrace your inner child with games like Spikeball, Corn Hole, Can Jam, and 4-Square.  This club encourages positive peer interaction with good-natured competition.  
  • Battle of the Brains

    Battle of the Brains is a club where students prepare for participation in the TV channel 6 Battle of the Brains competition. At their meetings the team participates in practice rounds that can become quite lively using questions from previous TV matches.

    Faculty Sponsor:  Pauline Crowling (
  • Black Alliance Initiative

    The Black Alliance Initiative is an organization that advocates for Black students and
    serves as a safe space where issues can be discussed pertaining to Black students at
    Trinity. Our mission is to create collective consciousness on campus in order to make
    change within the school culture. While this initiative is centered around the Black
    community, allies are welcome and encouraged to join! In order to create a consciousness,
    we strive to educate our community about the presence of bias (conscious or subconscious)
    and the impact on African American students.
  • Book Club

    Book Club provides a setting for enthusiastic readers to gather and discuss titles of their choosing. Book choices are selected through student vote.
    Faculty sponsor: Francis Decker
  • Culinary Club

    The Culinary Club explores elements of food preparation, locally-sourced ingredients, menu design, and eating!  Members will use an on-campus kitchen to prepare and enjoy a variety of foods.  The club will also work with other clubs and school activities to provide food for special on-campus events.  

    Faculty Sponsor:  Alice Phillips
  • Debate Club

    Debate Club offers a forum for healthy discussion on a variety of topics.  Participants learn to support their opinions and respond to challenges in a supportive environment.  Open to all.
    Sponsor: Rachel Behrens
  • Disc Golf Club

    If you are an experienced disc golfer or are brand-new to the sport, this club welcomes you.  Practices are held outside during Discovery and week day or weekend events on local courses are open to all.  Discs are provided.
    Faculty sponsor: Louis Ferro
  • F.A.M.E. Club

    Finance, Advertising, Marketing, Entrepreneurship (F.A.M.E) seeks to develop members interested in pursuing business. Topics will cover all levels of interest in the business world and investments as well as exploring entrepreneurship.
    Sponsor: Lee Huss
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is touching millions of lives…one heart at a time. Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA is the largest Christian sports organization in America. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.

    Faculty Sponsor: Brian Griffen, Chaplain,

  • Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools (FOCUS)

    We believe that every young person should have the opportunity at some point in their maturing process to connect with articulate, credible and thoughtful representatives of what C.S.Lewis called “Mere Christianity.” The club provides searching young people with a chance to explore in depth the basis of their faith so that they may make an informed decision about their spiritual direction.

    Faculty Sponsor: 
    Brian Griffen, Chaplain,
  • Feminist Club

    Feminist club is a place for discussion of women's issues, but more than that gender equality. We are a reasonable group that is inclusive of all viewpoints. We are one of the largest clubs at Trinity Episcopal and have members of a multitude of races, religions, beliefs, and genders.

    Faculty sponsor: Nikki Carroll 
  • Fishing Club

    The Fishing Club is devoted to exploring a love of all things fishing. Members discuss different fishing techniques and organize fishing expeditions.  Members also explore conservation and participate in the sustainment of local waterways.
    Faculty Sponsor:  Lee Huss
  • French Club

    The French Club works to highlight French culture, tradition and cuisine. Students organize various activities such as enjoying French films after school, eating delicious French food and attending cultural events around Richmond. All students are welcome to join the French Club.  

    Faculty Sponsor: Julie Urena '81,
  • Gay/Straight Alliance

    Gay/Straight Alliance
    Trinity’s Gay/Straight Alliance aims to create a safe space for LGBT+ students at Trinity. We talk about issues important to the community, different identities, and we organize TES Pride. This club is fun and open to everyone at Trinity at any point during the year. If you need any more information, please contact one of our sponsors:
    We hope to see you at the next meeting! 
  • International Film Festival

    The International Film Club gets together to watch, and talk about, movies we want to present at the annual International Film Festival that takes place in February. We promote exploring other cultures through film and run one of TES's favourite yearly school events.  This club is open to all students. 
    For more info please contact, Julie Urena at
  • P.A.L.M.

    P.A.L.M. stands for Pacific-Islander, Asian, Latinx, Middle Eastern.  This is a group designed to make people of all cultures, races, ethnicities, and nationalities feel welcome and to invite discussion and education about our differences and similarities. The group showcases unique elements of cultures and engages with both internal and external speakers, organizations, museums, and events to continue growth and understanding among all groups.

    Faculty Sponsor: Cheri Bradby 

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  • Latin Club

    The Trinity Latin Club plans Latin and Roman activities throughout the year. Events include chariot races, Roman cooking events, mythological star gazing, and field trips.

    Faculty Sponsor: Nikki Carroll,  
  • MathElites

    Calling all math brains!  This is the club for you with math-centric events and contests throughout the year.  Faculty sponsor: Charlotte Morris (
  • Metaphysical Club

    Metaphysical Club explores non-religious spirituality through discussions and activities that seek to build a sense of zen and self-love.

    Faculty Sponsor: Kasie Kemp
  • Model United Nations

    Model UN is an authentic simulation of the United Nations General Assembly and other multilateral bodies. Students participate in multiple Model UN conferences each year. All students are welcome to join. 
    Faculty Sponsor: Sarah McDermott ( 
  • Natural Forensics Club

    We love bones!  Natural Forensics club studies animal bones from every angle, starting with where and how to find them in the woods to how to clean them to what you can learn from studying them.  If you enjoy searching, studying, and science, this is the club for you.
    Faculty Sponsor: Dylan Norvell
  • Pach's Place

    “Pach’s” is a bi-weekly outdoor lunchtime concert series that occurs during the fall and spring to provide our community with music in the spirit of Pach Torres, a talented Trinity musician who we lost tragically in 1993. Students and faculty can sign up at the beginning of each season for the opportunity to perform anything from a single song during “open mic” days to full on electric rock sets and beyond. Pach’s Place provides an informal yet professional venue for students to show their musical talents, collaborate, and experience the thrill of live performance in a fun and welcoming environment. The concerts are supported technically by a volunteer student sound crew who help set up, run, and break down a full audio PA system for each show. The concert series and the sound crew alike are open to interested students of any grade.

    Faculty Sponsor: Chris Markunas      
  • Richmond Forum Page Program

    This group assists attendees of the Richmond Forum and enjoys engaging with and supporting this valuable program and the larger community.
    Faculty sponsors: Maria Bartz and Elizabeth Kelley
  • Robotics Club

    Trinity is part of the US FIRST Robotics challenge and teams up with professional engineers to compete in scrimmages during the fall semester. Trinity’s Robotics Team builds a new robot each spring, and competes in the regional event. Students can earn an activity credit with documented hours of participation.
    Faculty Sponsors:
  • Science Fiction Club

    Geeks unite!  Sci-fi club is a place where devotees of all fandoms (sci-fi/fantasy, anime, Wars: both Star & Trek) can come together and discuss their interests. The club puts on an annual Super Smash Brothers tournament and often meets outside of school for comic-cons & film showings.  Allons-y!

    Faculty Sponsor: Chris Williamson,
  • Science Society Club

    The club engages in activities like Telescope Night and Chemistry Week as well as hosting special guests and fun experiments.  The club is open to any and all lovers of science!  

    Sponsor: Elizabeth Kelley (
  • Society of Crocheters and Knitters (SOCK) Club

    Calling all designers!  SOCK Club is for beginners through advanced crocheters and knitters, anyone who wants to explore these crafts.  Come and join the fun!
    Faculty sponsor: Sarah Schriber
  • Spanish Club

    Take your love of all things Spanish out of the classroom and into social events that are creative, engaging and fun!  Even students who do not take Spanish are welcome to become members and join us for food events, Day of the Dead celebrations, Spanish-language Scrabble, or service activities for charities that pertain to the Spanish-speaking world.  There is an annual membership fee that covers a tee-shirt and supplies for activities.  

    Faculty Sponsor: Julie Davi,

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  • Student Leadership

    Student Leadership
    Trinity's Student Leadership includes the student government association, the Honor Committee, and the Student Conduct Committee.  The group serves as a link between the student body and the faculty/administration as well as vital leaders of the school community.  Members engage in monthly leadership development meetings and provide framework and structure for community-wide events and initiatives.   
    Faculty Sponsors:
    Betsy Reid:
    Chris Williamson:
  • Students for Environmental Action (SEA)

    SEA Club (Students for Environmental Action) is a student organization founded in 1990 by a group of environmentally concerned students. The purpose of the organization is to be proactive in increasing environmental awareness.

    Faculty Sponsor: Michael Stratton '02,
  • Theatre Club

    Theatre Club invites those with a love for theatre arts to embrace their creativity through a variety of skits, improv, and other artistic means.  The club is open to all who wish to explore their theatrical side.  
    Faculty Sponsor:  Brian Phillips
  • Trinity Arts Journal

    The Trinity Arts Journal a compilation of the best examples of student writing and artwork at Trinity. A team of students have the opportunity to apply their creativity by judging, organizing, and editing submissions. A new issue of the journal is released online every year to the entire school. The club is open to all students, and is a great way to get closer to the Trinity community.
    Faculty Sponsor: Chris Williamson
  • Trinity Spirit Club

    The Trinity Spirit Club provides coordination of Trinity spirit to reach all levels of the community.  This includes but is not limited to sporting events, especially off-campus events that require transportation. The goal of this club is to make spirit accessible to students in every grade level and to support all of Trinity’s hardworking teams.  

    Faculty sponsor: Anna Prillaman,
  • Yearbook

    The yearbook club is looking for creative students to help design and produce Trinity’s yearbook, The Shield. Students learn online design, digital photography, ad design and sales.  Club members can also earn community service hours by contributing to The Shield.

    Faculty Sponsor:

  • Yoga and Meditation Club

    Yoga and Meditation Club was created to give students the tools, time, and space during the school day to practice stress relief, breathing techniques, meditations, and poses commonly found in yoga practices. We intend to create a calm and supportive environment to build community through healthy habits and a shared interest in the power of mind and body.
    Alice Phillips and Amy Chaplin


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    Laura Hamlin Weiler 00

    Head of Community Engagement
    (804) 327-3103
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