Visual Arts

2D Art / Photography

Being in photography for the past four years has made me pay more attention to details. Even the smallest details in an image can make or break it. I've spent hours at a time editing the smallest details into all of my pieces . . . The world is full of beautiful little details that are waiting to be noticed.” -Laurel Goodpasture '17
Trinity’s photography program enables students to study the art through many lenses. In Morgan Hall, there is a full digital photography lab as well as a traditional dark room. Up to 15 students can develop their film photos at a time in the dark room.

In the Wilton Visual Arts Studio, students can be found painting, drawing, sculpting, organizing and throwing all in the same space. Students are encouraged to interact with each other to expand their knowledge of styles and techniques.

Seniors taking an IB art course each have their own dedicated table for the year, mimicking the feel of a professional studio setting.

The talented arts faculty often holds after school and weekend studio hours to give student artists every chance to perfect their work over the course of a semester.

Visual Arts Faculty

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  • Photo of Amy Chaplin

    Amy Baynum Chaplin 88

    Visual Arts Department Head
    (804) 327-3140
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    Tom Condon 

    Photography Teacher
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    Jennifer Parker 

    Visual Arts Teacher