Trinity Episcopal School’s culture of a community that accepts and respects each individual and supports students as they discover their unique paths distinguishes it from its competition. Our academics combined with high participation rates in the IB diploma programme and AP Program, athletics, the arts and other co-curricular activities create a vibrant and engaged community of learners. 

This strategic plan supports and strengthens our commitment to that culture, including continuing our work on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging which is woven throughout the plan. Our mission and philosophy remain unchanged. The plan’s five goals focus on:

  1. Maintaining academic excellence in a rapidly changing educational environment

  2. Developing skills that help students navigate complex situations

  3. Strengthening parent partnerships so we can work together to help each student thrive

  4. Maintaining and enhancing our campus and facilities

  5. Being good stewards of our financial and human resources

Trinity Episcopal School

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