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Elizabeth Kelley Earns 2018 Discovery Award

Elizabeth Kelley will explore her Irish heritage this summer.
Elizabeth Kelley, head of the science department, has been selected by the board of trustees as the 2018 recipient of the Faculty Discovery Award. With the grant, Kelley and her daughter will travel to Ireland to explore and rediscover their family’s Irish roots.

“The plan for this adventure would involve researching our family's heritage, visiting with friends and relatives to share stories, exploring historic Irish castles, understanding the reasons for the physical and astronomical alignment of Celtic ruins, getting lost while running the foot trails among the countryside, being lucky enough to find a four-leaf clover, and photographing the entire journey,” she says.

“Of course, there is another attraction to visit Ireland,” says Kelley. “There happens to be another prestigious school in Dublin named Trinity too — that cannot be a coincidence.”

Kelley says she hopes to allow Trinity's students, faculty, and staff to share in her experience by presenting a photographic journal of her travels.

In 2004, the Board of Trustees initiated the Discovery Award program as a show of appreciation for the passion and talents faculty bring to students each day. The Discovery Award is an extension of Trinity’s “Discover Your Path” motto, broadening the spectrum to encourage faculty members to expand their horizons and continue down their personal path of discovery.

Any faculty member wishing to participate is asked to write a narrative of what he/she would do with the grant. In the past, faculty have become certified Wilderness First Responders, built relationships with other IB schools in Africa, kayaked through the national parks of the American West, joined a cycling group through the Northeast, attended golf school in Vermont and attended an Olympic Training Center in Colorado, just to name a few.


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