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Rev. Doug Forrester asks students to consider the simple wisdom of children
Trinity welcomed the Rev. Doug Forrester from Reveille United Methodist Church to speak in Chapel on the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Beginning with a passage from the Bible that envisions a future of peace and harmony, where “The wolf will live with the lamb… and a little child will lead them,” Forrester asked Trinity students to consider and appreciate the simple wisdom of children.

Forrester recalled when his four-year-old daughter once asked him with piercing clarity, upon  seeing a homeless person on a street corner: “Why is it that people who have rooms in their homes don’t just take in in people who don’t have homes? That way, everyone would have a place to live and a family to love them.”

This echoed a similar recollection of preschoolers at his church’s canned food drive. Once, after the pastor asked his perennial rhetorical question about why we collect and give food to strangers, he was humbled by their quick response: “These children at once crinkled their tiny faces, and with one voice said to me, ‘because they're hungry!”

“Children see it for what it is,” Forrester said. “When people are in need, you share with them, because it’s nice and it’s what Jesus wants us to do — because he loves us, and he loves all the other people too. And why on Earth would we want to mess with this?”

“The older I get, the more convinced I am that orthodoxy and faith are two different things,” Forrester concluded. “Orthodoxy is ‘to know the right answers.’ Faith, on the other hand, can simply mean having the courage to ask the right questions.”

Each Monday the school gathers together with a guest speaker, faculty member or student speaker to engage with issues around spiritual life, societal participation and character development. Guest speakers from a broad range of spiritual traditions are invited to create opportunities for inter-faith education and dialog. Students, teachers and guests share their life experiences that may range from community service to mission travel to mindfulness.

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