Summer Assignments

Trinity teachers post summer assignments so that incoming students can best prepare for the year. All assignments will be posted to this page no later than Wednesday, June 5 for the summer of 2019.

Students: please complete all summer assignments by 
Tuesday, August 20.
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Social Studies

World Languages

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  • IB French

    Summer Work for Rising IB French B SL students All rising IB SL students need to complete 8 journal entries this summer (about 1 a week). Each entry will be 240 words, or more, in length. Students can write about anything they want, such as a summer vacation, travel plans, summer camp, books they are readings, movies they saw, fun activities and/or current events. Students will keep all the journal entries in one spiral notebook and give the journal to Mrs. Urena at the end of August. You should use a good French dictionary or Word reference to help you. Please email Madame Urena if you have any questions. The following grammar points must be included in each entry:
    1. variety of vocabulary
    2. negative structures such as ne...pas, ne... jamais, ne...rien, ne...personne,, ne.. plus, etc. (unit 5)
    3. Subjunctive clauses (Unit 2)
    4. Verbs in present tense, or passé composé and imparfait, or the future tense, or the conditional tense (unit 3)
    5. si clauses (unit 5)
    6. qui and que
    7. a variety of adjectives (Reprise chapter) 8. express your feelings about the event you are writing about.

    Contact: Julie Urena

IB Physics & Chemistry SL

IB Chemistry HL

IB Visual Arts

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  • IB Visual Arts: 2D and 3D

    Rising Juniors: Read Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon
    Rising Seniors: Read Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland

    Contact: Amy Chaplin
  • IB Visual Arts: Photography

    Rising Juniors: Read Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon
    Rising Seniors: Read Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland

    Rising Juniors | I think you guys are going to really enjoy this assignment.  The main goal of this assignment is to get you taking pictures over the summer, and specifically with a 35mm film camera.  The first thing we are going to do, on our first full day back at school will be to develop this film taken over the summer.  We’ll review how to develop film for those that are rusty in the darkroom! The reading is short so don’t be intimidated. It is just to help you understand the mindset for the photo portion of the project.  Make sure to bring your film with you when we return to school! My one piece of advice: look over and understand this assignment early in the summer so you can decide when and where you want to take your pictures. We’ll be working with them for the first few weeks after we return to school.  You’ll want to take pictures carefully, creatively, and thoughtfully so you’ll be excited to work with what you shot when we are back in the darkroom and I give you the rest of the instructions.

    Follow these steps in this order:

    1. Read the interview with artist Hannah Lamb from   Here’s her website as well if you like her work and are interested in looking through it.  
    2. Prompt for photo portion found here.  Wait to read this until you’ve read the first two portions. It’ll make more sense!
    3. Remember to bring all three rolls of film to the first full day of class, we’ll be developing them on that day!  If you have any issues with the film or cameras, reach out to me: or send a text at 703-501-7552

    Rising Seniors | Your main goal over the summer will be to think about a direction/topic for your Comparative Study.  It will be the first thing we work on when we return to school. The CS is a research assignment into a minimum of two artists on a central idea. We’ll go over it in more detail when we’re back after summer break.  For now know you want the central idea for your CS to be relevant to you and your work. Perhaps and ideally, something related to what you want to explore for your own senior show next spring.

    1. I also want you to read the excerpt from Slow Stitch, mindful and contemplative textile art by Claire Wellesley-Smith that the juniors are reading and the interview with artist Hannah Lamb from   Here’s her website as well if you like her work and are interested in looking through it.  
    2. Think about a topic you are passionate about and want to and/or have made art about.  It should be broad enough you can create more than one piece of work falling under the umbrella of that same topic.  Here’s an example for a CS topic I’d come back from summer with if I were a rising senior: nature, natural cycles, understanding our connection as a component of our plant.  I could make a lifetime of work about my example topic.
    3. Then think about atleast one but preferably two artists that relate to your topic and whose work you connect with.  They should be a well-established career artist with a lot of available information for research purposes. If I were writing a CS on to topic listed above, I would then choose to include Claire Wellesley-Smith and Hannah Lamb as two of my artist.  Claude Monet might be a third since he and the Impressionists were highly influenced by the changing light and studied the ever changing environments in which they painted.
    4. Remember you’re coming back from summer with a topic for your CS and at least one artist if not two.  
    5. Lastly, go see art in person.  Take pictures of art you see over the summer.  We’ll talk about it when we get back from break!
    Contact: Allison Minehart

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