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Eureka! Celebrating the Inventive Spirit

Breanoh Lafayette-Brooks
Trinity faculty member, Cynthia Chinworth, receives the Excite Award from MIT with an opportunity to visit the MIT campus and to attend EurekaFest 2023.
EurekaFest is an event that empowers student inventors, honors role models, and encourages creativity and problem solving.

This year, Cynthia Chinworth, Trinity's Technology and Innovation Teacher received the Excite Award Scholarship from MIT to attend EurekaFest 2023 and participate in the a 3-day professional development conference. 

"EurekaFest showcases this years InvenTeams inventions. My favorite came from Oswego High School in Illinois; the students created an algae hydro tank to remove carbon and improve classroom air quality. One of the most meaningful parts of the classroom training was working with dedicated teachers to rapid prototype an invention for a disability. I was able to work with Melissa Wood (California) and Jamie Back (Ohio) and a local student Garima to complete this project. After discussing the the steps for the InvenTeams process, we were able to explore the campus through tours and learn more about their innovation and maker spaces." Cynthia said, "One of the most powerful parts of this experience was learning how ordinary students are made into inventors and the passionate belief that there is an inventor in every student waiting to be found."

Head of School, Rob Short adds, "I am so proud of the fantastic work that Cynthia has done to receive this wonderful scholarship and experience from MIT. The really intricate projects that our innovation lab and robotics teams produce is an opportunity for Trinity to celebrate our students. With highly skilled faculty members on staff, like Cynthia, the sky is the limit with what our students can do!"

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