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The House the Titans Built

Innovation Lab sponsors school-wide interdisciplinary construction project
Earlier this winter, students from all grades collaborated on a construction technology project sponsored by the Trinity Innovation Lab. Building an A-frame model house, students were introduced to blueprint reading and construction technology vocabulary. Participants wrote their names on each piece of construction material they contributed to the project.

“The best part of The House the Titans Built was the genuine sense of community the students and teachers embraced,” said Cynthia Chinworth, noting that the experience could be shared “across the board, from senior HL IB physics to the entire 8th grade.” 

“The project generated spontaneous teaching moments that, as a new teacher, in a new role, provided positive exposure for Trinity's new technology initiative,” Chinworth said.

Congratulations to the 8th and 9th grades, who logged the most participation points:
  • 8th - 100%
  • 9th - 69%
  • 10th - 47%
  • 11th - 55%
  • 12th - 49%

Housed in the Ethel Powell Library, the Innovation Lab contains two 3D printers and equipment for robotics, circuitry, 3D modeling, coding and machining. Previous co-curricular projects have included a paper airplane contest with lessons on aeronautical principles and model rocketry.

To learn more about the technology curriculum at Trinity, please visit the Course Description Guide.

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