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A Life of Impact

Bryant Drayton ’12 and Robert de Wolff ’12 inspire students with their story of entrepreneurship, compassion and friendship begun at Trinity
Trinity alumni Robert de Wolff ’12 and Bryant Drayton ’12 returned to their alma mater to talk to students in Chapel on the theme of “Living a life of impact” and about the company they started together, which was inspired by the bond they formed as student athletes from diverse backgrounds at Trinity more than a decade ago. While Drayton was able to speak in person, deWolff spoke remotely via video teleconference. 
The company they co-founded, SEQL, a.k.a “Sports Equality,” was named for their goal to provide athletes a level playing field when it comes to so many of the off-the-field necessities to compete and advance in amateur athletics. The SEQL app is aimed at providing young athletes with free access to recruiting, media and training resources all in one space.
Drayton and de Wolff recalled witnessing such disparities while playing high-school football together and dreaming of the next level. “When it came to sports, if I needed a highlight tape, a trainer, a nutritionist… my parents could pay for it,” remembered deWolff. “Brian, on the other hand, grew up in a different socioeconomic status. I saw my best friend struggle at times from an athletic perspective, because he did not have the financial means that I did.” 
Summarizing the impact they hope their company will have, de Wolff concluded, “We said to ourselves, where you're from, the color of your skin, or whether your parents are rich or poor should not affect your sports career.”
Both alums expressed gratitude to Trinity for launching them on this path. “Trinity was able to bring two people from two completely different lifestyles together, and they were able to create a bond,” said Drayton. “I’m forever grateful to Trinity for that.”
“Trinity truly represents what I stand for today,” agreed de Wolff. “Specifically, diversity in your life is key. Your friends, the people you hang out with… Trinity represents that. You’ve got football players, you’ve got artists, you’ve got musicians, you’ve got beautiful people inside and out… You need diversity in your life.”
Drayton confessed that he didn’t fully consider the power of Trinity’s tagline, Discover Your Path, until years later, but still sees its relevance today. “At this age, it is so important for you to create your own narrative and tell your own story,” he said. “These past couple years, I can't imagine what it's been like being a student... I know it's probably given you a lot of time to question who you are and question what you want to really do in life. And those moments are absolutely okay. Embrace those moments. Never take those moments for granted. Those moments are going to make you stronger and make you a person that will bring impact into communities outside of Trinity.”

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