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IB HL poster session puts science students in the spotlight
Although the third annual IB higher-level science poster session was intended to be outdoors this year, bad weather on Friday, November 13 did not deter many of Trinity’s most accomplished budding scientists from sharing their work. With the event moved to the Estes Athletic Center, social distancing and mask wearing didn’t dampen the usual discussions of independent and dependent variables, hypotheses, summaries and conclusions.

Students in IB Higher Level biology, chemistry and physics classes set up posters showing the results of internal assessment lab experiments. Each student devised their own experiment with guidance from science teachers. Topics included “Experimental determination of the Ideal Gas Constant,” “How Heat Affects Internal Resistance of a 9V Battery” and “The Effect of Fluid Density on Rate of Displacement.” 

“A large objective the science department shares is providing students the opportunity to present research they have explored,” Said Elizabeth Kelley, head of the Science Department. “The HL Poster Series is a guided tour through their independent inquiry. They work weeks designing, implementing and gathering data on unique topics. This year didn't disappoint!”

In a normal year, hundreds of students and faculty would circulate through the gym, interviewing the presenters for details about their topic. This year, attendance was limited to on-campus juniors and seniors for safety precautions. Students not on campus that day will be able to view video presentations of a sampling of the projects.

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