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National Signing Day 2020

11 seniors are recognized in football field hockey, baseball and girls basketball
A small but enthusiastic group of parents, family and coaches and students gathered in the Estes Athletic Center on the morning of Wednesday, November 11 to celebrate 11 Trinity seniors officially committing to competing in intercollegiate athletics next year. Early November is a traditional time for seniors to sign their national letters of intent, and Trinity seniors joined student-athletes nationwide for this “National Signing Day” ceremony. 
  • Alyssa Chapman ’21 (basketball) — Radford University
  • Emily Field ’21 (field hockey) — University of Virginia
  • Genevieve Johnson ’21 (field hockey) University of Delaware
  • Emerie Loftis ’21 (field hockey) — University of Delaware
  • John Lucas ’21 (baseball) — Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • Alison McCarey ’21 (field hockey) — Franklin & Marshall College
  • Cate Monaco ’21 (field hockey) — Lehigh University
  • Annie Nash ’21 (field hockey) — University of Richmond
  • Shawn Riley ’21 (football) — Columbia University
  • Riley Winefordner ’21 (field hockey) — University of Lynchburg 
  • Mackenzie Wunderlich ’21 (field hockey) — Randolph-Macon College

The group, which included an unprecedented eight field hockey players, were seated apart from one another at a dais, and all participants and guests wore masks while indoors. "We are overwhelmingly thrilled to have this day
in person in the gym,” said Athletic Director Anna Prillaman, recalling the school’s previous signing day in April, conducted entirely online. Coaches shared words of praise, appreciation and anticipation of more great things to come for the group of Trinity student leaders and their extended families who have committed so much time toward the pursuit of excellence both on and off the playing field.

Sam Mickens, head football coach, thanked Shawn Riley ’21 and his family for helping to build a solid foundation for the school’s football program and putting the team first. "Everything was about getting our program back to a championship level,” said Mickens. “I'm incredibly proud of you. You've become a strong young man. I have no doubt that you will become one of the brightest and biggest stars in one of the brightest and biggest cities in the world.” 

Tim Merry, head baseball coach, praised John Lucas ’21 for his determination. “He's driven.” said Merry. “In my time at Trinity he is one of the most driven individuals with a singular focus of making all of his tools and facets of his baseball game better… He has an insatiable appetite for improvement and getting better." Lucas will play next year at VCU.

Before sharing thoughtful and heartfelt memories about each of the eight field hockey players, Head Coach Margie Snead noted their contributions to the entire school as students and community members. “They do as much off the field as they do on,” she said. “And when you are as accomplished as they are, that is saying a lot.”

Snead described the skill, speed and determination of Emily Field ’21, who will play for UVA next fall. “You can never let smaller stature fool you,” said Snead, calling her “a player that would never back down… [and] never settled for where she is but always striving for the next level.” Snead recalled an emblematic moment during recent game versus Collegiate, where Field finished a breakaway goal “that left her tangled in the keeper’s gear with the ball in the back of the net.” 

Snead called Genevieve Johnson ’21, who will attend the University of Delaware next year, a "see ball, get ball” type of player, praising her strength, speed and competitiveness. “The synergy between her athleticism and her skillfulness has continued to grow and weaponized her in a way that is difficult to defend, even when you know what is coming," said Snead.

Joining Johnson on the Blue Hens roster next year will be goalie Emerie Loftis ’21. Loftis gave up only five goals last season, on her way to 15 shutout victories. Snead praised her leadership and time spent mentoring younger players. “Our goalkeepers and our field players have all benefited from her leadership… initiative and communication.” 

Alison McCarey ’21 will attend Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the Diplomats will benefit from her long reach, versatility and impact all over the field. “We jokingly call her ‘elasti-girl’ in practice, because there is no ball she can't track down, and no tackle she can't get to,” said Snead, who also appreciated McCary’s transition from offense to defense midway through her high school career. 

Snead was especially proud reflecting on her time coaching her own niece, Cate Monaco ’21, who will bring her ‘solid and steady presence’ to the Mountain Hawks of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. “She stays poised and consistent, never getting rattled and never blinking first,” said Snead. “Her attention to detail has made her fantastic on corners…[and] a stalwart on penalty strokes.”

Annie Nash ’21 is the third of three Nash sisters to make the transition from Trinity to the University of Richmond, and Coach Snead thanked the family for their constant presence in the Trinity field hockey program. She thanked Nash for doing all of the little things that make a big impact. “She is the glue that holds things together, [and] does the pivotal things that don't show up on the stat sheet,” said Snead. “Sne defends and re-defends... selflessly passes back and eagerly advances the ball upfield. She communicates constantly and, most importantly, positively."

"[Riley] is literally one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met in my life,” said Snead about Riley Winefordner ’21, who will play at the University of Lynchburg next year. Snead praised her as a great example and a mentor. “She's a quiet leader, but always says something specific and impactful in the huddle.”

Although she has only been a Titan for two seasons, Mackenzie Wunderlich ’21 has made an impact. Coming to Trinity for her junior year, Wunderlich jumped right into the Titans’ tradition of competitiveness, and the team “welcomed her in with open and welcome arms,” said Snead. “She embraced the environment she was dropped into and became a better player because of it. Our team embraced Mac, and we became better teammates because of her.”

At last, Adam Lonon, girls basketball coach, had the opportunity to speak about Alyssa Chapman ’21, who will play next year at Radford University. “[Alyssa] has grown into a confident, authentic and outspoken young woman,” said Lonon. “Last year, she blossomed and took over a leadership role.” Noting that she had doubled her points and rebounds over the previous season, Lonon recalled fondly their match against No. 5 Episcopal last season, in which Chapan went “3 for 3 from 3.” Noting that Chapman’s older sister, Elaina, also played at Trinity, Lonon thanked the hard work and dedication of the entire Chapman family.

The Trinity athletics program is geared towards developing the whole person. Coaches work closely with athletes to build character traits like hard work, discipline, respect, cooperation and commitment that will benefit them in sports, academics and beyond. For each Trinity team, the emphasis is on personal improvement, camaraderie and the value of competition. Learn more at

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