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Senior Spring

Two seniors reflect on challenges, hopes from a spring semester like no other
With many traditional events either moved online or postponed to a later date, spring for the Trinity class of 2020 has been like no other. As Head of School Rob Short wrote in late March: “Since we will not be able to return to the campus this year, we will be filled with many different emotions — sadness, frustration, anxiety, disappointment... [and] when you’re disappointed in something, it means that you care deeply. And our community does care deeply. This is something to be proud of.”
On this topic, two Titan seniors, Jillian Allen ’20 and Eudora Nordt ’20, represented Trinity well in local media recently, each of them speaking from the heart about the unique disappointments and challenges that their class has faced.
Inspired by US Senator Tim Kaine’s “Graduation Speaker Challenge,” Eudora Nordt was asked by CBS 6 anchor Bill Fitzgerald what she would say to her classmates if she could.
"I think that I would tell my classmates that I'm really proud of them for continuing to work hard considering the circumstances,” said Nordt. "And for keeping their head up during a time like this of such uncertainty I think that takes a lot of strength and resilience. And I think that we are all going to come out stronger by the end of this month stronger than we were before. And we're going to have learned a lot of valuable lessons that we can use for the rest of our lives."
In the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jillian Allen described the loss of traditional year-end events like senior chapel. “Missing senior chapel hurts the most, she said. It was a special school event where the seniors got dressed up, their parents were invited, and they all gathered together to celebrate their accomplishments, look at photos of themselves over the years and hear from speakers.” Speaking for so many of her peers, Jillian added, “I just miss being on campus and seeing my friends.”
Throughout this challenging and unprecedented senior spring, the entire community has rallied to support this years’ seniors with creative tributes and unique ways to celebrate.
The parents of seniors chipped in, produced and delivered 117 yard signs, one for each senior, proudly announcing “A Trinity Senior Live Here.” 
Class sponsors collected submitted photos of every senior in their college tee-shirts, compiled and shared in lieu of the traditional final Morning Meeting senior parade.
The athletic department created “Senior Day” videos for every spring varsity team, along with a 20-minute tribute video to all varsity athletes, in place of the traditional Green, Blue & White Varsity Sports Banquet. 
The visual arts faculty created an online gallery, featuring 28 seniors artists and images of their artwork. 
Senior leaders created a TES Class of 2020 Instagram account to publish a unique online tribute to each one of their classmates.
Senior academic awards were announced each morning in Virtual Morning Meeting during the last two weeks of school. Video recordings of these presentations — along with a collection of other multimedia tributes to their academic, artistic and athletic accomplishments — have been collected online at
Trinity seniors will gather virtually for a live-streamed Senior Celebration on Saturday, May 23, combining some of the students’ favorite elements of year-end events like Senior Chapel, Baccalaureate and Graduation. 
An in-person, on-campus cap-and-gown ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, June 20.

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