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Fragile: Handle With Care

Griffen: "We have to treat each other with more kindness and patience than we have before."
In Trinity's first-ever online "Five-Minute Chapel," Brian Griffen, school chaplain, spoke to students and faculty gathered in an online videoconference. Reflecting on the challenges of the times, Griffen reminded us that Lent is traditionally a season that reminds us we are fragile human beings with limitations that include sickness and death.

"Lent reminds us that we are fragile human beings," he said, reflecting on the struggle to be without the daily face-to-face connections we are all so accustomed to. "It's a challenge to be here, to be separated from a community that I love, people that I admire and care for and enjoy spending time with."

"But during this time that we are fragile, we have to handle each other with care... We have to be more kind... more compassionate. We have to treat each other with more kindness and patience than we have before... We've got to be better listeners as we work through these challenges."

Connecting his talk to the shared Trinity "TITANS" value of "toughness," Griffen also encouraged resilience. "Everything is going to be okay. We're going to get through this together, as Titans always do. We'll make it."
    • Chapel (March 25, 2020) Brian Griffen: "Fragile-Handle With Care"

      "Fragile: Handle With Care"

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