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A Dazzling Display

Hundreds of student works featured in annual Winter Art Show
Each December, in conjunction with Trinity’s Grand Illumination and Holiday Music Concert, the Visual Arts Department hosts a massive Art Show in the Perkinson Arts Center and Powell Library. Nearly a third of the entire student body (over 150 students) create displays of their own works of art for the show. Over 1,000 pieces span all media and genres — from 2-dimensional paintings and drawings and photographs, to 3D sculpture and ceramics, to mixed media and video. All levels of student progress are represented, from beginner level to IB.
The Visual Arts Department hires three independent artists to judge the works in ten categories and according to technical skill, content, display and overall creativity. This year, the “Best in Show” prize was awarded to Jade Alvarez ’20.
New Media
1st: DJ Covington ’22
2nd: Lola Brozna ’23
3rd: Lauren Davi ’21
Department Award: Sarah Vranas ’22
Mixed Media
1st: Ella Thompson-Burr ’20
2nd: Kaleigh Ware ’21
3rd: Genevieve Johnson ’21
Department Award: Cabell Haneberg ’21
Analog Photography
1st: Callie Srader ’20
2nd: Colin Edsall ’23
3rd: Sara Placide ’21
Department Award: Caleb Llewellyn ’23
Digital Photography
1st: Dylan White ’21
2nd: Natalie Ewell ’21
3rd: Mariel Gecker ’20
Department Award: Maddie Schleicher ’20
1st: Lilly Sutton ’20
2nd: Dylan Dhindsa ’20
3rd: Harry Hettrick ’22
Department Award: Millie Whitmore ’20
1st: Athena Haley ’21
2nd: Riley Winefordner ’21
3rd: Lela Creamer ’20
Department Award: Anna Vogt ’22
1st: Virginia Martin ’20
2nd: Caroline Kiefer ’20
3rd: Lida Caudle ’21
Department Award: Lilly Phillips ’20
Functional Ceramics
1st: Dakota Bemberis ’22
2nd: Rebecca Short ’21
3rd: Kari Rogerson ’23
Department Award: Perrin Gilman ’22
Non-Functional Ceramics
1st: Emmeline Roberts ’21
2nd: Charlie Boykin ’21
3rd: Nick Clopton ’23
Department Award: Bryn Shannon ’20
1st: Alex Clark ’21
2nd: Isabella Perago ’21
3rd: Emma Thompson ’20
Department Award: Lilly Perkinson ’22
Trinity is a place where art is alive and student artists flourish. Student performers can be seen during lunch at Pach’s Place, on stage at Cabaret or in the theatre for a number of performances. The student-run Art Club is also active on campus, bringing guest artists to campus, planning museum visits and infusing art into community service projects.
Over the course of the year, nearly 60% of students are taking courses in the arts. By graduation, all students will participate in at least two semesters of art, music and/or theatre.
The curriculum includes photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, drama, theatrical design, beginning and advanced band, music theory and composition, digital music production and much more. Many are offered as IB courses.
Visual and performing arts curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students from those who want to explore possibilities of self expression to those who intend to pursue a more advanced, in-depth study in the arts.  
International Baccalaureate Visual Arts is a two-year program for candidates pursuing a full IB diploma or a single certificate in art. Trinity also offers IB courses in music.
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