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Nikki Carroll Receives 2019 Faculty Discovery Award

Latin teacher will explore the legacy of Roman history in North Africa
Latin and Theory of Knowledge teacher Nikki Carroll, has been selected by the board of trustees as the 2019 recipient of the Faculty Discovery Award. With the grant, Carroll will travel to Morocco this winter with Vergilian Society to study the region’s connections to the ancient Carthiginian and Roman empires.
“The Vergilian Society is an organization of Latin teachers, professors, and scholars from around the world that love and appreciate the Latin author Vergil, who wrote the epic poem the Aeneid,” says Carroll. While the society usually travels to the more obvious ancient sites with connections to Roman history, Caroll says: “I’m more interested in their tours to places with less obvious connections to the Classics.”
“Being on the north coast of Africa, this area was closely tied to the Carthaginian Empire of Punic War fame. It became part of the Roman Empire during the early imperial period,” she says. “Now, it has some beautiful ancient Roman ruins, such as the ones at Volubilis, and great archaeological museums.”
In 2004, the Board of Trustees initiated the Discovery Award program as a show of appreciation for the passion and talents faculty bring to students each day. The Discovery Award is an extension of Trinity’s “Discover Your Path” motto, broadening the spectrum to encourage faculty members to expand their horizons and continue down their personal path of discovery.
Any faculty member wishing to participate is asked to write a narrative of what he/she would do with the grant. In the past, faculty have become certified Wilderness First Responders, built relationships with other IB schools in Africa, kayaked through the national parks of the American West, explored family roots in Ireland, attended golf school in Vermont and attended an Olympic Training Center in Colorado, just to name a few.

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