11th Grade

The junior year is a very important academic year to establish college readiness and a strong potential for college success. Continued academic rigor is as important as demonstrated achievement in a variety of preparatory classes. In the 11th grade, students are encouraged to take as many upper-level, AP and IB course as possible and perform well. These two go hand-in-hand, as a demonstration of a strong work ethic and higher ability.
The PSAT is given to juniors for the final time to complete the student’s preliminary preparation for the SAT and ACT,; standardized college entrance exams. College visits should be made, online college searches are conducted and registrations are completed for several standardized college entrance exams including the SAT, ACT and Subject Tests. Students enrolled in IB/AP courses take appropriate exams.
In the fall of the junior year, 11th grade student and their parents attend the College Kick Off program and begin serious discernment about their college choices. Individual college counseling sessions are conducted by a Trinity College Counselor to discuss their transcript, senior schedule, college prospects and the college application process. Students prepare for their summer internship and Junior Work Week and schedule additional college visits. Service academy candidates should begin the process of applying for a nomination, and potential college athletes register for the NCAA Clearinghouse. Attendance at the Richmond Area College Fair and individual visits with the college representatives are strongly encouraged. Students should complete a resume and begin considering which teachers will be asked to write letters of recommendation. Additional college information and programs are scheduled for 11th and 12th grade students throughout the year.
Between the 11th and 12th grade, students should seek leadership opportunities, academic enrichment programs, college exploration events and community service. This is the time to work on your high school activity sheet and biographical information. These should be turned into your college counselor when you return to school in the fall. Summer is a great time to attend the Essay Writing Workshop, practice your writing skills and prepare for a final SAT or ACT test in the fall.