Coronavirus Updates

Mask-Optional Policy for Students Begins February 21

Trinity will move to a family-determined mask-optional student policy, beginning Monday, February 21.

As the school makes this transition, please consider the following:
  • In all areas, we ask that community members have empathy for everyone who works, learns and visits Trinity. Reinforce with your child that everyone’s personal situation is different. Some members of the community are more comfortable with masks on and have health risks that reinforce this decision. Others will have chosen the mask-optional approach. These decisions must be respected in a community that prides itself on civility, kindness, and understanding of what it means to be part of any community.
  • Quarantine rules have not changed; masks are required to return on day 6. Alternatively, parents may choose the 10-day option. 
  • Quarantine rules differ for masked versus unmasked students and can be found here.
  • Rules for unvaccinated students differ from vaccinated students and can be found here.
  • Contact tracing rules differ for masked versus unmasked. Unmasked students cause tracing at 6 feet and masked at 3 feet.
  • Over 85% of students and 100% of faculty have been fully vaccinated.
  • The school’s HVAC system features ionizers and UV scrubbers similar to what is found in field hospitals.
  • Consider the effect masking has on your child’s learning.
  • Take these two weeks to consult with your family’s physician. Updated guidance from the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Department of Education suggests this as an additional level of guidance. 

Trinity continues to:
  • Encourage mask wearing
  • Strongly encourage vaccinations and boosters
  • Seek to teach that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves, and this means considering the needs of others broadly. An individual who chooses to mask and one who does not needs to have their choices respected by others.

Faculty/staff and visitors: Currently, all teachers and staff are required to wear a mask by law, and we ask that visitors do the same.

Sporting events: Rules for sporting events are determined by VISAA. As a member, we adhere to agreed upon league policies to maximize the continuity of athletic contests.

 The school reserves the right to mandate mask wearing when deemed necessary to preserve the safety and quality of our programs.