Coronavirus Updates

Important Update to COVID Quarantine Policy

Please know that Trinity has now added a 10-day quarantine option for students, faculty and staff to our COVID-mitigation policy. Our most recent conversations with the Virginia Department of Health indicate that the combination of a 10-day quarantine and a PCR test on day 5, 6, or 7 offers nearly the same probability of keeping infections off campus through effective quarantine. The 10-day quarantine will allow students to return to school earlier than they could under the 14-day model. For families who wish to do so, the 14-day quarantine remains an option.
Parents and students will now have two options that are both safe to follow. Please read the following sections carefully. If a student tests positive, our school nurse will review these options with the family.
Current Option: 14-Day Quarantine, return on day 15
Trinity has used the 14-day quarantine this year successfully to reduce the opportunity for COVID infections to spread. This option will continue to be offered to families and allows students to return on day 15 of their quarantine period.
Ten-Day Option: 10-Day Quarantine, return on day 11
Families may choose the 10-day quarantine, which will allow students to return to school on day 11 of their quarantine period. This quarantine path has several requirements which are listed below:
  • Students must have a PCR test no earlier than day 5 and no later than 7 after exposure. Tests prior to 5 days will require a retest. 
  • The PCR test and documentation must be negative and shared with the school
  • Students must monitor symptoms through day 14
  • Any symptoms after the PCR test through day 14 will restart the quarantine process
Begin quarantine
PCR Test, documentation of negative results submitted to the school
Quarantine, continue to monitor symptoms
Return to school, continue to monitor symptoms
Continue to monitor symptoms