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FAQ: Inviting students back to campus 5 days per week (UPDATED)

(This document was originally written specifically for seniors, but has been updated to reflect school-wide plans and policies.)
1) What are the scheduling options for seniors? There are three options:
(1) Remain in or join Group C (all virtual)
(2) Remain hybrid
(3) Commit to being on campus 5 days per week
2) Will my student be with a teacher, in the classroom 5 days a week? 
We cannot guarantee that. Classroom space is finite; more desks will not be added. We remain committed to Health Department guidelines for social distancing and do not want to increase close contact traces. A student in Group A will always have a seat on A days. However, that student will only have a seat on B days if the classroom has seats available and at the discretion of the classroom teacher. If there is not an extra desk in a classroom, then that student will attend class virtually from an on-campus location.
3) Will there be additional restrictions because of an increased number of students on campus? 
While there were not additional restrictions placed on seniors (thanks to the opening of the Commons), other students will be restricted to designated areas of campus during lunch and break time. Additional restrictions will be necessary during inclement weather days to ensure appropriate distancing.
4) What should I think about when making this decision? 
There are many factors for you to consider: What is your tolerance for exposure at home? Has your child/family become accustomed to the freedom that comes with hybrid learning? Is your child struggling to engage on the virtual learning days and would benefit from more exposure to teachers and peers? How will your child do in virtual learning while on campus - will it be more or less distracting than home?
5) What are the timelines for making a decision?
Families will be prompted to complete a form in PowerSchool indicating their choice. We hope to hear back from every senior by the following dates:
  • April 5 — deadline for 8th and 9th grade families to commit to 5d/wk of attendance (beginning April 7)
  • April 15 — deadline for 10th and 11th grade families to commit to 5d/wk of attendance (beginning April 19)
6) Can my child decide to attend 5 days a week but periodically take a virtual day? 
No. Students selecting the five day/week model are expected on campus all five days. Unpredictable attendance patterns are obstacles to quality instruction, lesson planning, safety and supervision. It is difficult for teachers to plan lessons and for staff to plan supervision when there is constant fluctuation in attendance.
7) Will seniors be able to sign off campus if they have study hall in the middle of the day? 
No. Again, we must be vigilant in our health screening, contact tracing, and awareness of numbers on campus.
8) My child has a study hall at the end of the day on even days. Can he leave school early on even days? 
Yes. There is a sign-out process at the front office for seniors leaving for the day. However, students who sign-out may not come back on campus for afternoon activities. We need to make every effort possible to reduce or eliminate activities that will threaten close contacts on athletic teams. One student can end a season very easily through quarantine mandates.
9) My child has a study hall first class of the day on odd days. Can she come in late every odd day? 
Yes. However, because of health screening and supervision protocols, students must arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the class they will next attend and must sign-in at the front office.
10) What about lunches if I return to on campus five days a week? 
Students will continue to receive lunches on their original on campus track days.
11) How will the Commons be used? 
The Commons is used for senior-only study space, group work area, and general social interaction. It is proctored by an adult at all times to assure correct social distancing and mask wearing. It will not be used for lunch.