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22 seniors receive commemorative bound copies of IB Extended Essays
The seniors in the IB Extended Essay program received official bound copies of their work in Morning Meeting on Friday, April 29. Two copies of each essay were published — one for the student and one for the school to keep on display for posterity.
The Extended Essay is a component of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. In no fewer than 4,000 words, students complete an independent, self-directed piece of research, akin to a college-level thesis.
“The Extended Essay is such a unique learning opportunity — one that is open to all Trinity students,” said Head of School Rob Short. “By doing original, independent research and sharing their published findings with the world, students learn to think and write creatively and critically. It is a rich process that prepares them so well for college and beyond.”
This year’s topics included:
  • Everyday American Life: A Comparison of Depictions By Photographers Dorothea Lange and William Eggleston

  • Transatlantic Influence: A Review of Compositional Technique Between George Gershwin and The Beatles

  • The Effect of Penicillin Overprescription on Antibiotic Resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae in the United Kingdom, France, and Belgium

  • Say Her Name: The Exclusion of Black Women In the Suffrage Movement

  • How the Density of a Planet Affects Gravitational Field Strength: Investigation of Changing Acceleration on Time Taken for Pandora to hit Saturn

  • Dangers of a Digital World: How Multinational Corporations Threaten Data Privacy

  • Rosie the Riveters’ Riveting Effect: The Success of the US Government on Convincing Women to Engage in Wartime Work During World War II

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