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Annual poster session puts IB Higher Level science experiments on display
The fourth annual IB higher-level science poster session filled the Estes Athletic Center with discussions of independent and dependent variables, hypotheses, summaries and conclusions on the morning of Wednesday, February 9.
About 20 students in IB Higher Level biology, chemistry and physics classes set up posters showing the results of internal assessment lab experiments. Each student devised their own experiment with guidance from science teachers. Topics included:
  • How a Change in Environment Affects Rabbit Allele Frequency
  • The Effect of Rib Cage Circumference on Total Lung Capacity in Females
  • The Effect of Different Amounts of Anticoagulant on the Clotting of Simulated Blood
  • The Effect of Temperature on Germinating Seed Respiration
  • The Effect of Distance on Light Density
“The HL Poster Series is a guided tour through their independent inquiry,” said Elizabeth Kelley, head of the Science Department. “They work weeks designing, implementing and gathering data on unique topics.” Hundreds of other students and faculty circulated through the gym, interviewing the presenters for details about their topic. “This really prepares students well for the type of poster sessions they will be expected to present in college science classes,” said Kasie Kemp, physics teacher.
International Baccalaureate (IB) courses emphasize a unique mix of intellectual challenge, intercultural understanding and respect, and independent research. The program academically prepares the student for the rigors of college. Completion of the full Diploma Programme or of individual IB courses can also give students advanced standing in college, count toward college credit and an advantage in the college admission process.
Higher Level (HL) IB courses encompass material requiring 240 teaching hours and two years of extensive study.
In 1994 Trinity Episcopal School became the first school in the Richmond Metropolitan Area authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a course of study designed for highly motivated students in the 11th and 12th grades. Trinity is still the only independent school in the area to offer the IB Diploma Programme.
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