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With stories, songs and quiet prayer, Rev. Moses Joshua brings a dynamic message of gratitude to Trinity students
Rev. Moses Joshua, religion teacher at Good Shepherd Episcopal School, brought a dynamic, energetic and engaging message of gratitude to Chapel on Monday, December 2, the first day back after Thanksgiving Break. With stories, songs and quiet prayer, he encouraged students to embrace an “attitude of gratitude” in all aspects of life — even when it can seem most difficult.  

Joshua began with a personal tale from his childhood in South India illustrating how hard it can be to be grateful. “One day, my dad biked home in the rain from his job at the airport, and he was hungry,” he recalled. “My mom said, it’s the end of the month, and we don’t have much food.” Joshua’s father then scraped together what little food was left in the pantry into a makeshift meal — and although it was barely enough, his father still said “let us give thanks” before they ate. “I looked at the meal and thought, ‘who wants to give thanks for this?’” Joshua remembered. “I was not having an attitude of gratitude.”

After leading the entire school in a rousing spiritual song on his guitar — splitting the audience into two parts to sing in the round — Joshua closed with a prayer of gratitude. “Take your right hand and look at all five of your fingers. Now close your eyes and put a name to each finger of someone who you are grateful for in your life, and think about what this person means to you. Then close your hand and put it to your heart.”

Rev. Joshua is familiar to many Trinity students from previous visits to Trinity Chapel and from his tenure as the chaplain and religious studies teacher at nearby St. Michael’s Episocopal School. 


Each Monday the school gathers together with a guest speaker, faculty member or student speaker to engage with issues around spiritual life, societal participation and character development. Guest speakers from a broad range of spiritual traditions are invited to create opportunities for inter-faith education and dialog. Students, teachers and guests share their life experiences that may range from community service to mission travel to mindfulness.

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