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Rev. Michael Lomax inspires students to pursue their dreams with resilience and the support of allies.
Trinity welcomed the Rev. Michael Lomax, Trinity parent and pastor of Westwood Baptist Church in Richmond, to speak at Chapel on the morning of Monday, January 22, 2017.

In acknowledgement of the previous week’s Martin Luther King Day holiday, Rev. Lomax asked students to follow their dreams.

“Realize that you are what you dream,” he said. “That’s why I love this school and its model of ‘Discover Your Path,’ because it’s all about you trying to figure out ‘what do you want to become?’ ‘Who do you want to be in life?’” … if you can’t envision it for yourself, then it’s not going to come to pass.”

Lomax emphasized the importance of resilience and building the support of peers and adults along the path. “You are in here not only to get a great an education, but to find allies,” he said. “[These are] people who can see your dream and believe in it enough to write a recommendation for you, who will make a call for you, and who will speak well of you, even when you’re not in the room.”

Each Monday the school gathers together with a guest speaker, faculty member or student speaker to engage with issues around spiritual life, societal participation and character development. Guest speakers from a broad range of spiritual traditions are invited to create opportunities and inter-faith education and dialog. Students, teachers and guests share their experiences in the world, from community service to mission travel to meditation and mindfulness.

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