12th Grade

The senior year involves final preparation for college selection, exploration, applications and eventual decision making. Further academic preparation and strong academic achievement in challenging courses will increase a student’s college choices. In August, seniors and their parents are invited to attend the Senior Pathway to Success program and learn how to finish strong, accept important leadership roles and prepare for a new transition to college.
At the beginning of the year, students should meet with their college counselor to verify their transcript, learn about the college application process and finalize a college list. Early requests for teacher letters of recommendation and early applications to college are strongly encouraged. Attendance at the fall college counseling programs, and discerning college visits will help students make wise college choices. Likewise, students and parents are encouraged to attend the Financial Aid Seminar, attend college sponsored open house events and refine their college application materials, resume, essays and applications.
Deadlines are critical and organization is a key to success. Students should work closely with their college counselor throughout the year, seeking advice and counsel to make a wise college decision. Advise your counselor of results. Write letters to other colleges to withdraw applications if appropriate, maintain good grades and don’t do anything that would jeopardize all that you have worked so hard to achieve.
Finally, remember the people who have helped you along the way. Send thank you notes to teachers, especially those who wrote letters of recommendation. Finish strong and then…GRADUATION!