Decades for Dollars

Don’t Stop Til Ya Give Enough!

Decades for Dollars is Trinity's 2019 parent giving competition.

Come back every day to hear our song of the decade!

February 18- 21
Monday: Kick off
Tuesday: 70s
Wednesday: 80s
Thursday: 90s
Friday: Celebration!
This week marks Trinity’s first ever Parent Giving Competition. Which class will go home with bragging rights?

That is up to YOU.
Between February 18 and February 21, we are asking you to make your annual giving gift during our parent spirit week, Decades for Dollars.

Why make a gift? Here’s the low down. Annual giving provides a strong foundation of support. Participation rates in percentage of donors are integral when requesting financial support from banks, foundations, and other financial institutions. Independent schools are also evaluated on levels of support from their constituencies; high levels of philanthropic support is direct evidence of a healthy, thriving school. 

We need your support.

We appreciate all those parents who have already made a gift this year, but we need more to help us reach our parent participation goal of 65%.

Parent volunteers will be making calls this week requesting your support if you have not already done so.  If you don’t want a call, make your gift now.

Total Parent Participation Rate: 49%

Updated at 10:00 a.m. on February 22, 2019

Giving by Class

  • Class of 2019 — 41%
  • Class of 2020 — 47%
  • Class of 2021 — 45%
  • Class of 2022 — 59%
  • Class of 2023 — 78%
Updated at 10:00 a.m. on February 22, 2019