Coronavirus Updates

Update to Mask Policy for Competing Athletes

As of May 4, 2021, the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA) has a new mask policy for athletes who are in active competition. While student athletes will still be required to wear masks to and from practice, while on the sidelines, and in a huddle, students may now remove them when “actively engaged in physical exertion.” 
Trinity’s school nurse and athletic trainer, along with the director of athletics and the head of school, have all reviewed this policy update and are in consensus that it is a safe adjustment to our own practices, particularly with temperatures expected to rise over the course of the spring. (If a student wishes to continue to wear a mask during physical exertion, they still have that option.)
Please see below for the complete text of the statement from VISAA.
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Due to changes from the CDC and reduced restrictions from the Governor of Virginia‘s Executive order #72 last week and the recommendation from the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee the VISAA will now have the following in effect for the remainder of the spring sports season and championship events:
"Face masks or multi-layer face covering for all outside sports will no longer be required for athletes during times of physical exertion. Athletes must wear a mask during all other times when not engaging in physical exertion. This includes when on the sideline, going to and from practice, when huddled as a group during a stoppage of play, or any time not actively engaged in physical exertion. Coaches, officials, spectators, and all others are always expected to wear a mask and social distance.
Schools have the right to continue to require wearing of face masks or multi-layer face coverings.
All indoor sports and outdoor sports athletes coming indoors for practice will always be expected to wear a mask." 
Richard H. Kemper, Jr., CMAA, E>M.C.
Executive Director