Deliver the mission as effectively and efficiently as possible with a commitment to excellence and stewardship of financial resources to provide the broadest possible range of opportunities for our students.

  1. Invest in the success of those who put our mission into action — our faculty and staff — with a renewed commitment to professional development and core faculty values, acknowledgement of workload balance, recognition of excellence in teaching and human resource support.

  2. Strengthen clear, timely and consistent communications across internal programs and departments that educate every constituency, reinforce our values and stay anchored in our mission and philosophy. Ensure that structures are in place for leadership to receive timely and actionable feedback.

  3. Build a robust revenue-expense framework, using all available data and scenario modeling, that can anticipate trends, identify new markets and revenue, document fiscal stewardship and inform high-level, strategic and annual decision-making.

  4. Evaluate and implement innovative and sustainable programs and practices to establish educational excellence with constant review and prioritization to ensure responsiveness with the school community as well as our changing world to develop global citizens with future-ready skill sets.

  5. Continue intentional unification and alignment of programs, activities and organizational structures to ensure broad discovery opportunities and community engagement for all students.

A Video Message from the Head of School

Trinity Episcopal School

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