Junior Work Week

Junior Work Week - March 19-23, 2018
All members of the junior class participate in Junior Work Week, an opportunity for students to explore a career or specific job of interest.  During the process, students learn about the world of work and gain greater understanding of their own strengths and interests.
Program Goals
The goals of the program are for students to
  • gain insight into the day-to-day activities of a job within a field of interest,
  • understand how the job fits into the overall operation of the organization, and
  • learn about the education and experience requirements for the position.
Benefits of the Experience
The benefits of the experience are far reaching because students
  • will go through the process of deciding on and securing a position of interest.
  • will get hands-on experience in a career of interest - what's really involved in the "dream job"?
  • can draw upon this experience as they begin the college application process in their senior year.

During Junior Work Week, students are required to maintain a detailed journal in which they recount their duties and reflect on their experiences.  Journal entries will include interviews with employees on the job, observations and reactions regarding work responsibilities, and a final analysis of the week's experience.  In addition to providing juniors with the opportunity to explore and, perhaps, discover a path of interest, the week-long experience has led some to summer internships and other future opportunities. 
Additional Information for Host Employers
What is required of the host employer?
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What forms are required for the host employer to provide to Trinity Episcopal School?
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What other additional information would be useful for prospective host employers to know?
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What steps should a prospective host employer take to participate in Trinity's Junior Work Week Program?
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May a prospective host employer contact a Junior Work Week Program Coordinator at Trinity for additional information or to ask questions?
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Interested in hosting a Trinity student?
Thank you for supporting the Junior Work Week program. Employers who wish to host a student for the week of March 19-23, 2018, should contact Chet Childress at for more information.
A Student Perspective ...

"For my Junior Work Week, I interned under the direction of Professor Bryan Hooten at the VCU Department of Music. During my internship, I observed Professor Hooten instruct various music theory classes as well as direct the VCU Small Jazz Ensemble I. In addition, I also assisted Professor Hooten in preparing the release of a new full-length album by his band, Ombak. Over the course of the week, I learned the many priorities Professor Hooten has to balance as a composer, musician, recording artist, instructor and performer and also the numerous responsibilities required in his field. I also learned the great importance of supporting your community and the culture around you as well as how to dance to salsa music (in case of an emergency). Overall, I found my internship with Professor Hooten to be extremely informative about music and the way that music works and I certainly enjoyed the experience." 
For additional information:

Name:  Chet Childress
Title:    Junior Work Week Coordinator
(804) 327-3104