At Trinity we find out what motivates students and use that knowledge to challenge them.
There's something about an International Baccalaureate World School.
Trinity's academic climate is dramatically enriched by its status as an IB World School. The rigorous standards that define the program inspire in our broader student body a heightened respect for learning and learners. For students of much ability and for average students who want to do well, there are extraordinary academic opportunities here for the taking: a strong faculty, excellent resources, a sound and well-rounded curriculum, a creative and encompassing approach to learning, and a low student/faculty ratio.
In September of 1994, Trinity became the first school in the Richmond metropolitan area to offer the IB Diploma Program, a rigorous pre-university course of study. Today Trinity is still the only independent school in the area to offer the IB Diploma Program.  The two-year curriculum offers a multi-cultural perspective and internationally-based standards of achievement. Many of Trinity’s IB graduates have entered college with a rank of sophomore or higher.
Trinity eagerly accepts the challenge of educating many types of students with a variety of interests and talents, and of helping each student discover a personal path to knowledge and understanding.  Trinity's extensive curriculum and high academic standards provide an extraordinary range of academic and leadership opportunities designed to prepare students for college and life. The average class size of 14 allows for valuable one-on-one interaction between Trinity's outstanding faculty and students. 

Trinity's students’ intellectual curiosity and passion for excellence have reaped significant rewards in many areas throughout the years. Budding physicists and engineers hone their skills while building robots and entering national competitions. Trinity’s robotics team has received honors in competition at the Virginia Commonwealth University/National Aeronautics and Space Administration (VCU/NASA). Would-be historians and future economists represented Trinity with distinction in the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Fed Challenge. Trinity's students take a broad range of Advanced Placement courses and go on to continue their studies at top-level colleges and universities. The members of the class of 2016 had 113 students enroll in 49 different colleges and universities. Historically, 99 percent of Trinity seniors continue their studies at college.
Trinity provides an encouraging and supportive environment with a joyous appreciation for matters of the mind.