Why Trinity?

Trinity is all about its students — recognizing their individual talents, celebrating their accomplishments, and finding a connection between their unique personalities and their education. Trinity is engaging teachers, a well-rounded curriculum, and excellent resources.

Trinity is people interested in your "whole life" — a Head of School who knows your name and greets you personally every morning, and teachers and coaches who will inspire you to do your best.

Trinity's challenging program includes excellent academics, an extraordinary range of electives, and competitive athletics. Know that Trinity's standards are high, but know, too, that the community will encourage and support students as they reach for their goals.

Trinity is a vibrant campus with facilities that help students achieve their goals in art and music, on the stage and playing field, and in the classroom.  Some of these facilities include the Estes Athletic Center, Aycock Stadium and Perkinson Arts Center.  Student athletes also compete at the Southampton Recreation Association, Greater Richmond Aquatic Natatorium and Salisbury Country Club.  

The welcoming student commons is a meeting place for hanging out with friends and a symbol of a student-focused community.  Trinity is all that and more — but first, Trinity is a place where each new student very quickly becomes a member of the family.

Students will grow and change in unforeseeable ways in their time at Trinity, broadening their horizons and preparing for futures that will be both successful and fulfilling. Students who come to Trinity have not been predefined; they will have every opportunity to define themselves.

At Trinity, the focus is on creating a high school environment that gives students the opportunity to meet new people, enjoy a new environment, create a new perspective, develop a love of learning, and discover a path all their own. In short, Trinity is a place that will remain with you for a lifetime, wherever your path takes you.

Students who come to Trinity curious, willing to make an investment of self in their education and prepared to be positive members of a unique high school community, will be happy here and flourish.

A coed, college preparatory school for grades 8 through 12, Trinity is located on Richmond's south side and is the only school in the metropolitan area to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

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